Solutions for Engineering Challenges

We provide innovative solutions to engineering challenges in: medical devices, compound semiconductors, vacuum technology, and space-based solar power

Engineered for Science

newForge Technologies is a Newtown, Pennsylvania-based company, providing engineering and contract research services for companies and government agencies.


Since 2014 we have worked with numerous groups across a wide range of technologies and industries including, but not limited to: space solar power, medical device development and manufacturing, various vacuum technology applications, optoelectronics, and test equipment automation.

newForge Technologies
newForge Technologies

LED Solar Simulators

We offer LED based solar simulators in a wide range of sized from single cell to large area panels.  Our simulators are capable of addressing current generation 3 junction cells as well as the newest 4 and 5 junction cells.  The unique features of our simulators enables novel testing modalities that cannot be achieved by typical lamp based simulators.


The team of newForge Technologies, with decades of experience in mechanical, electrical, chemical, and material engineering, has played a crucial role in creating technologically advanced products. Our innovations have expanded the boundaries of performance in manufacturing and testing across a wide range of industries.

newForge Technologies