LED Solar Simulators

High-Quality Simulators

An LED solar simulator is a solar simulator that uses light emitting diodes (LEDs) rather than lamps to provide illumination of photovoltaics for testing.  This provides several key advantages over lamp based simulators:

  • 1

    LEDs have long lifetimes (> 10,000 hours) and very high output power stability (< 0.5%) over time

  • 2

    LED simulators can be operated in pulsed (light pulses lasting less than 1ms) to continuous illumination with a high degree of stability and reproducibility

  • 3

    LED simulators require LESS optical power for the SAME cell current output due to spectrum matching the LED output to the multijunction cell bandgaps

  • 4

    LEDs can be controlled individually allowing dynamic adjustments to the illumination spectrum of the simulator. This enables unique testing capabilities such as measuring individual junctions within multijunction solar cells

newForge Technologies
newForge Technologies
  • 5

    LED simulators are highly scalable in the illumination area without a loss in performance. Single cell (1 cm2) to full sized panels (multiple meters squared) can all be addressed.

  • 6

    Optical power of the simulator can be varied across a very high dynamic range from 20X or more suns to 0.01X or less suns of illumination depending on the testing requirements

  • 7

    The UNIQUE ability to expand the spectrum into the IR to allowing testing of next generation 5+ junction solar cells.

LED simulators enable new testing modalities, reduced costs, and more rapid testing than traditional lamp based approaches.  Contact us today to discuss how our simulators can solve your testing needs.